Curiosity lives

From the glimpse I have been afforded of the natural world's inner workings, I am awed by the intricate interactions which appear to effortlessly straddle orders of magnitude in scale. In the darkness of our collective ignorance, the light of our curiosity is a rich source of determination and joy. I have no doubt that if we are able to continue our existence on this planet we will have our curiosity to thank.

Open Science

I was privileged to receive training within the academic community through which I gained a deep understanding of the technical and human challenges in "good" science. I believe that we can reorganize the modern scientific enterprise to mirror the upstream development of open source code, as seen in the tech industry, into a rigorous system of open and free science. This system would afford individuals creative freedom and support diverse contributions to a scholarly commons. It would encourage the expansion of our knowledge and provide a scaffold from which our society can draw upon for rapid solutions to pressing issues.

Conscientious action

In a consumption-based world, we are tasked to create a life for ourselves while improving the lives of others. Dangerously, a perceived scarcity of resources and compassion can drive us to construct dynasties intended to weather an anthropogenic storm. However, I believe our hope lies in remaining radically collaborative and stubbornly compassionate. I aspire to uphold the following:

"I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will."

Antonio Gramsci Letter from Prison, Dec 19 1929