Curiosity grows

I am struck by the wonder of the natural world. I have no doubt if we are able to continue our existence on this planet it will continue to provide a rich source of wonder to augment our own fascinating complexity. This is the entry page to my web presence. A digital portal to getting to know me in a professional and personal sense.

Open Science

I want to work in a society where personal curiosity can be satisfied by the pursuit of scientific progress. I believe that the modern scientific enterprise can adapt the tech industry's capacity to foster upstream development on open source code into a rigorous system of open and free science. This system has benefit for both humans as creatures of creativity and for society as requiring rapid solutions to pressing issues, but only if we come to terms with ourselves in context with others forever engaging with compassionate sharing in all domains.

Careful work towards the future

I have been privileged to receive training within an individualistic academic community. From that experience I gained a deep understanding of the technical and human challenges in "good" science. In a consumption based world, we are challenged in work to create a life for ourselves while improving the lives of others. Given this challenge, I aspire to uphold the following:

"I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will."

Antonio Gramsci Letter from Prison, Dec 19 1929